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Protection In Your Pocket
Monkey Fist Benefits 
  •  Unassuming Discreet Design
  • We only use the best parts and expert craftsmen
  •  Sturdy and reliable so that you can take it with you every day and everywhere.
  •  Fits in your hands securely and allows a great grip, never lose in time of emergency.
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Be Ready. Be Descrete. Be Protected.
If you're going to carry any item for safety, it needs to be a Monkey Fist Protection Keychain. But you can't just carry around any old Keychain and expect it to do the job!

Your Monkey Fist Protection Keychain needs to be small and light enough to fit in your pocket, it needs to be strong enough to last a lifetime of use, it should double as survival tool while discretely being displayed in your everyday life. The new Monkey Fist Self Protection Keychain has all of this with the addition of being constructed with 550 Paracord for strength and durability. Monkey Fist Self Defense Protection is a product that has been tested and proven itself time and time again.

Plus, when you get your Monkey Fist Self Defense Keychain today, you're not just getting a high-quality Survival tool. We're also going to give you 3 top survival guides and training a video on how to use your Monkey Fist Protection Keychain all for FREE with your purchase!
Only $10.97 
For a Limited Time!
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  •  It can be used as a survival tool in an emergency.
  •  It can be attached to your key lanyard, necklace, zipper, or backpack, etc.
  •  It's perfect for daily wear or for camping, traveling, adventuring, or other outdoor activities.
  • Materials: Solid Ball, Military Umbrella Rope
  •  Size: 24*3.4cm
  •  Corrosion and Water resistance.
  • 1 x Monkey Fist Protection Keychain
  •  3 of our Top Survival Guides
  •  Training Video
What People Are Saying:
I bought 5, one for my wife, 2 daughters, myself and son-in-law. I feel better knowing that the women/girls in my life are just that much safer walking to and from their vehicles. Thank-you for a fantastic product! 
- John Robert, CA
Very good product. Looks a little key chain. Very good in case of an emergency.
- Bobby Jones, FL
I purchased these for myself and two friends. They are a little large for a key ring, but not too heavy, and they feel comfortable to grip. I know it would hurt to be hit with. 
- Tricia Alice, IL
Monkey Fist Protection
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